Herb & Garlic Sourdough Loaf (to share) (gfo) 9.5

Brushed with garlic and herb butter then drizzled with olive oil & balsamic glaze.

Add cheese (+$1.0)


Bruschetta (v/gfo) 12

Lightly grilled sourdough bread topped with roasted roma tomatoes, caramelized onion, basil pesto & marinated feta, drizzled with a balsamic reduction.


Cobb Loaf Dip (to share) 13

Toasted whole cobb loaf stuffed with a dip of sour cream, spinach, bacon, cream cheese, spring onion, garlic & feta.


Soup of the Day 10

House made soup of the day (see specials board), served with toasted garlic bread.


Vegetable Spring Rolls (v/vg) 14

Asian vegetable mix rolled in a spring roll wrapper, fried until golden brown, served with sweet chilli & soy sauce. (4)


Tempura Prawns 18

Lightly tempura battered prawns served on a bed of jasmine rice, garnished with spring onions & served with soy sauce.


Beef Tostada 16

House made chilli beef with corn & avocado salsa topped with sour cream served on a corn tortilla.


Uncle Wun’s Dumplings (pork) 14

                                          (prawn) 17

Locally made dumplings from Uncle Wun’s Dimsim & Dumpling Co, served with house made fried rice & a sweet citrus  sauce\ (x4)


Crispy Chicken Wings (gfo) 15

Whole chicken wings coated in paprika, chilli, herbs & corn flour, fried until crispy, served with a honey chipotle sauce.


Sides  5

  • Seasonal vegetables,
  • House salad dressed with vinaigrette,
  • Super crunchy chips with aioli & tomato sauce


Arancini Ball Salad (v) 25

Basil, pumpkin & parmesan arancini balls with a salad of mixed lettuce, cucumber, red capsicum, red onion & sliced radish tossed with aioli.


Salt & Pepper Squid Salad 25

Perfectly seasoned squid rested on mixed fresh tomato, spanish onion & sliced red peppers, dressed with a seeded mustard vinaigrette then drizzled with aioli served with a lemon wedge.


Asian Chicken Salad (gfo) 25

Sweet soy marinated chicken served atop an asian style salad with roasted cashews and crispy rice noodles dressed with a sweet soy dressing.


Char Sui Duck (gf) 28

Pan fried duck breast marinated in a sweet sticky Chinese char sui sauce served on a salad of soba noodles, zucchini, capsicum, coriander, mint, carrot, snow pea sprouts & bok choy drizzled with a chilli caramel sauce.


Greek Lamb Salad (gf) 27

Sliced spiced lamb served atop a greek style couscous salad with rocket, sundried tomatoes, olives & feta dressed with a house made tzatziki.


Atlantic Salmon (gfo) 30

Atlantic salmon served atop a salad of spinach, fennel, red onion, craisins, feta, walnuts & sweet potato crisps dressed with a seeded mustard vinaigrette.


From the Oven

Roast of the Day (gfo)     25

Juicy slow cooked roast of the day (see specials board) served with season roasted vegetables topped with house made  gravy


BBQ Pork Spare Ribs  28

Slow cooked pork spare ribs in a Cajun bbq sauce, served with steakhouse crunchy chips & a house made salad.


Beef Cheeks (gf) 28

Local Gippsland beef cheeks slowly braised with chunky vegetables in a rich tomato based served on a bed of mashed potato & topped with a piece of parmesan crisp.


Avocado Chicken (gf) 28

Oven baked chicken breast wrapped in bacon on a bed of mashed potato served with asparagus, dutch carrots, a fresh avocado & cream sauce.


Lamb Shanks (gf) 30

Local Wattle Valley lamb shanks slowly braised with chunky vegetables in a tomato & red wine sauce served on a bed of mashed potato & garnished with gremolata


From the grill

250g Porterhouse (gfo) 26

Local spring valley porterhouse grilled to your liking,  served with oven roasted potatoes, asparagus & dutch carrots, with your choice of sauce.


350g Scotch Fillet (gfo) 34

Local spring valley scotch fillet grilled to your liking, served with oven roasted potatoes, asparagus & dutch carrots, with your choice of sauce.


Chicken Schnitzel Stack (gfo) 24

Fresh panko crumbed local chicken breast fried until golden, served with your choice of sides & sauce.


Chicken Parmigiana Stack (gfo) 26

Fresh panko crumbed local chicken breast fried until golden then topped with house made napoli sauce, sliced ham & a duo of grilled cheese served with your choice of sides.


Crusted Barramundi 28

Herb crusted barramundi served on a salad of rocket, bacon, red onion, croutons & shaved parmesan tossed with a citrus dressing.


Battered Gummy (gfo) 26

Freshly battered premium hand cut gummy cooked until golden, served with super crunchy chips, our house salad, a lemon wedge & house made tartare sauce.


Crispy Skin Pork Belly 30

Asian style pork belly served with steamed jasmine rice, fresh asian herb salad & capsicum jam.


Sauces Include; normal gravy (gfo), peppercorn, mushroom, garlic butter, garlic sauce, surf & turf (+$7).


From the Pans

Creamy Garlic Prawns (gfo) 18/27

Pan fried green prawns in a creamy garlic sauce served on a bed of jasmine rice and with an asian salad & chips.


Lamb Tagine (gf) 29

Moroccan spiced lamb shoulder, onion, chickpeas, capsicum, apricots & fragrant spices served with wild rice.


Traditional  Carbonara 16/24

Pan fried bacon & onion in a smooth creamy garlic and white wine sauce tossed through fettuccini & topped with shaved parmesan.

Add chicken (+$2.5)


Sundried Tomato & Prawn Spaghetti 18/27

Pan fried prawns in a tomato-based sauce with sundried tomatoes, onion, garlic, spinach & chilli tossed with spaghetti then topped with a butter crumb.


Autumn Ginger Stir Fry (v) 16/24

A medley of fresh seasonal vegetables tossed with soba noodles in an asian style autumn ginger sauce topped with sliced spring onion.

Add beef or chicken (+$2.5) or prawns (+$4.5)


Herb Crumbed Lamb Cutlets 30

Herb and parmesan crumbed cutlets, fried until golden & served with oven roasted potatoes, asparagus & dutch carrots, with your choice of sauce.


Seafood Paella (gf) 32

A medley of prawns, squid & salmon pan fried & served on a bed of spanish style saffron rice with onion, capsicum, turmeric, garlic & zucchini.


All pastas can be served with vegan, gluten free penne pasta upon request.


Kids Meals

Kids Fish 13

Served with chips and tomato sauce.


Kids Mac & Cheese 13

Creamy macaroni and cheese.


Kids Party Pies 13

Served with chips and tomato sauce.


Kids Roast 13

Served with seasonal vegetables.


Kids Nuggets 13

Served with chips and tomato sauce.


Kids Pizza 13

Ham, cheese and pineapple pizza, served with chips and tomato sauce.


All kids meals come with a complimentary soft drink or juice and dessert.



     Sticky Date Pudding 10

Warm sticky date pudding served with a side of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.


House Made Waffle 12

House made waffle topped with fresh strawberries, house made honey comb shards, vanilla ice cream then drizzled with chocolate sauce.


Smashed Pavlova Trifle (gf) 10

Served with frozen mixed berries, whipped cream & raspberry coulis.


Banana Fritter 10

Fresh whole banana coated in a light cinnamon batter served with vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate topping & crushed nuts.